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Our Colombian Roasts

Colombian Coffee

Our Colombian Roasts start with beans from the highest-grown Colombian coffee cultivated in Nariño, a small region bordering Ecuador and the Pacific Ocean. Coffee from these slopes is well-balanced, with high acidity,medium body and a lingering citric sweetness.


Early Riser’s Delight

A Medium Full City Roast: Medium roasts present the full flavor present in the beans. This is the most commonly used roasting degree for coffee in the U.S.

Start your day early with this delightful aroma and rich flavor, with just the right amount of caffeine to get your day started.

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Angry Dave’s Revival

A Dark French Roast: The darker the roast, the less acidity will be found in the coffee beverage.  French roast coffees are prevalent in coffee associated with the American West

Why is Dave angry?  He has many more tasks to do before the day is out so he grabs a cup of this delicious dark roast and gets it all done!

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Mad River Mud

Extra Dark Spanish Roast: Dark roasted coffee beans are dark brown in color, like chocolate, or sometimes almost black. They have a sheen of oil on the surface, which is usually evident in the cup when the dark roast coffee is brewed.  Coffee brewed from Spanish roasted beans will have none of the natural characteristics inherent in the green bean. Instead, the coffee will have a thin body and a dominant charred taste throughout.

Spanish-degree roasting will destroy more of the coffee beans’s caffeine content than other roasts.

If this flavor doesn’t grab you, you have no pulse!

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Harvest American Coffee

100% Arabica